Functional Chewing Gum

Plant based dietary supplement for health and performance

We have created products to bring out the best version of you and make a healthy difference in your life, whether your exercises is of an undemanding nature or a athletic and a performance level.


Xrcise is a product you can take on-the-go. Getting your daily dietary supplement has never been easier than with an Xrcise gum.


Xrcise is an organic super-simple performance-enhancing nutrition that efficiently, through continuous ingestion, gives you a clean energy and promotes cell repair processes. Xrcise is all you need in your training and in your qualitative everyday life.


Make a difference in your life

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Function chewing gum for Smart Training & Muscle Nutrition

10 Vitamines - 13 Amino acids - 85 Minerals

Xrcise is an efficient performance industry and advanced dietary supplement and is all you need for your training and performance in everyday life.

Getting your daily dietary supplement has never been easier. 


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Clarity Mind

Function chewing gum for Mental balance & Concentration


Clarity Mind provides increased clarity and maximizes cognitive awareness. A simple solution that relieves the stress level in demanding contexts in and outside the office. 


...innovative and fuNctional training in a 2.5 gram piece of gum

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The moment you feel momentum and realize you have power left ... 

High performance in your pocket

Chew 20 minutes for 80% nutrition absorption

Excellence "on-the-go"