Xrcise functional chewing gum

plant-based dietary supplement for health and performance

100% concentrated training

Getting your daily dietary supplement has never been easier than with the Xrcise gum

powerful substances

Xrcise contains a mix of powerful substances with profound cell-level effects both before, during and after exercise.

no efforts, just

pure & clean power

Xrcise makes a healthy difference in your life

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2.5 gram Smart Training and Musclenutrition gum

Mint with a hint of Liqourice 

Xrcise Strengthening the body balance and functional performance with its 16 active substances such as Shilajit, Siberian Gingseng, Lions Mane etc. in a "ORGANIC 2,5 gram FUNCTIONAL performance GUM" that has an absorption capacity of 94% via throat, gums and oral cavity during the first 20 minutes.

Zero Caffeine

Zero Fat 

100% Sugarfree & Vegan 

All products comes with environmental-friendly packaging


Getting your daily dietary supplements has never been easier than with the Xrcise gum.

The purpose is that the concentration should be on the training part so that you as a consumer do not need to have extended knowledge of which powder mixtures and capsules the body needs to perform at its best.



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organic super-simple performance-enhancing nutrition

Xrcise is an organic super-simple performance-enhancing nutrition that efficiently, through continuous ingestion, gives you a clean energy and promotes increased cardiovascular function and oxygen uptake (O2), as well as increased capacity in physical and mental stress and with faster recovery. 

Xrcise contain substances that are easily absorbable in the body and which restores the body's normal (physiological) function. 


Xrcise is a innovative patent-pending functional gum & the next generation of dietary supplements

Xrcise is a unique well-thought-out powerful substances with profound cell-level effects both before, during and after exercise, and makes a healthy difference in your life, Whether your exercises is of an indemanding nature or a athletic performance level. 

Xrcise contains a variety of natural antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and proteins that are the building blocks of the body and important for building and repairing muscles and cells as well as for forming enzymes and important hormones in the body. One thing that distinguishes Xrcise from other dietary supplements is that most of the content consists of a unique mix of plant extracts and plant proteins, where each substance has its own specific function and task.

Xrcise functional gum has an absorption capacity of 94%, compared to a beverage or powder that has an absorption of 30%, that goes thru through the intestine. and after a continuous intake gives a sensible effect within minutes.

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      adaptogens & antioxidants 

                                   Protect cell membranes, mitochondria and DNA


          Increased cardiovascular function and oxygen updtake (02)

      energy & power

            Increased levels of ATP (energy) and creatine phosphate (power)


              Elevated V02 level, improved stamina and lower heart rate                         during exercise

body absorption rATE

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Oral Mucosal Absorption - buccal has a 95% absorption with immediate effect within 5 min, the absorption from a functional drink or nutrition through the stomach has a 30-35% absorption and an effect after 40 min. 

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xrcise multipacks

Beginner -3 pack

KR 159 .00

  • Basic 3-pack equals to approximate 10 days of use
  • Gives another 5% off of the next continuing order 

Professional - 12 pack

kr 659 .00

  • Professional 12-pack equals to approximate 40 days of use.
  • Gives another 10% off of the next continuing order 

Expert - 24 pack

kr 1199  .00

  • Expert 24-pack equals to approximate 80 days of use. 
  • Gives another 15% off of the next continuing orde

supposed nutritional benefits

Nutritional Benefits

Xrcise contains Shilajit, among other supernutritions which is a mineral substance extracted from mountain ranges at altitudes between 1000 and 5000 above sea level such as the Himalayas. The main bioactive compound of Shilajit is Fulvic which is often used as a standardising marker for Shilajit potency, however Shilajit is actually made up of far more than just Fulvic Acid, it contains over 85 ionic (dissolvable and absorbable) minerals, peptides, lipids and amino acids meaning it has an extremely diverse set of roles within the body. 

Medical study that has made observations of oral supplementation of shilajit regulates ATP synthesis in muscles, where the need for ATP is maximal during exhaustive training. It was also observed that shilajit was equivalent to CoQ10, which has a major influence on ATP synthesis. In most tissues, mitochondrial ATP synthase plays a central role by synthesizing the majority of ATP.

Shilajit is also described as an enhancer of the mitochondria by the electron transport chain for efficient ATP synthesis, through its powerful electron transfer capacity and antioxidant activity. This postulate is further supported by the fact that exercise induces the production of ROS (reactive oxygen species) in rodents, which damages the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Shilajit's energy exchange effect was no less prominent than that of the popular energy utility, CoQ10

Fulvic Acid is a carrier molecule and natural electrolyte that can balance and energise biological properties of the ingredients it is taken in conjunction with. Fulvic Acid will enhance the availability of nutrients and help to deliver nutrients out of the gut and into muscle and bone, acting as the vehicle that will force active ingredients into your body. In addition to this, it will also work as a fantastic detoxifier and chelating agent, removing toxic compounds out of the body while shuttling the good nutrition in, balancing out the elimination pathways and making your body more resilient. The presence of Fulvic Acid in Shilajit is seen as so important due to the fact that when it combines with the other actives in the Shilajit compound it enhances their potency, making it a more bioavailable and effective compound overall.

Shilajit is adaptogenic compound, meaning it will work to balance and improve your body’s current state regardless of the challenge. 

Supposed key benefits of Shilajit supplementation include: 


Improved resilience in immune system balance

-     Improved digestion and assimilation of nutrients

-     Great detoxification and chelating properties

-     Increased Testosterone by up to 20% above normal ranges in males (Increased sperm production up to 35%,         improved fertility and libido)

 Improved conversion of testosterone to estrogen in females (helping to remove negative effects of menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats while improving mood, motivation and libido)

-      Massive effects on fatigue and performance

Reishi mushroom is known for its amazing healing properties. Like Lions mane, it has powerful anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. It’s also used to boost mental clarity and help the body deal with the negative effects of stress.
Reishi generates a sense of inner calm and harmony while also heigtening mental perception, both logical and intuitive.

Lion’s mane is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to maintain Qi, a person’s vital energy, and improve issues affecting the central nervous system.

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