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2.5 gram Smart Training and Musclenutrition gum

Mint with a hint of Liqourice 

Strengthening the body balance and functional performance, provides faster recovery, builds muscle while preventing muscle breakdown (which is an ongoing process in the human body around the clock). Increased cardiovascular function and oxygen uptake (O2).

Zero Caffeine

Zero Fat 

Zero Sugars 

The earth-grown supplement contains 16 substances with nutrition such as Shilajit that extends the blood vessels (vasodilation) and increase the blood flow which gives the body the ability to deliver more nutrients and increased oxygen uptake to the body's cells, including muscle cells. With the help of the extra fuel, the muscle cells should improve growth and endurance. Research shows increased adenosine tri-phosphate levels (ATP), which is the body's most basic energy units and the power plant in our body.

All products comes with environmental-friendly packaging

Adaptogens & Antioxidants

Protects cell membranes, mitochondria and DNA


Increased cardiovascular function and oxygen uptake (O2)

Energy & power

Increasing levels of ATP (energy) and creatine phosphate (power)


Elevated V02 level, improved stamina and lower heart rate during exercise

Body absorption rate

Oral Mucosal Absorption - buccal has a 95% absorption with immediate effect within 5 min, the absorption from a functional drink or nutrition through the stomach has a 30-35% absorption and an effect after 40 min. 

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