swedish legends

introducing!  developed for you who live an active life, exercise and care about your health. 

Do like Emma and Anders – keep on chewing!


’Ever since my days as an active swimmer I know that the smallest details can make a huge difference, and very often if comes down to good eating habits and dietary supplements. 
The Swedish Legend gums make me sharp and alert.'

Emma Igelström  - legendary swimmer
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

'The mint/licorice combination doesn't only taste excellent, I also feel a boost a few minutes after I take a functional gum.'

Anders Svensson - legendary football player

Swedish Legends contain 10 vitamins, 85 minerals and 13 amino acids which we find in plants and mushrooms like shilajit, lionsmane and siberian ginseng

The unique combination of vitamins , minerals and amino acids is especially composed for you who live an active life, exercise and care about your health.  

Packing it in a chewing gum is extra clever as the quickest and most efficient way for the body to absorb our substances is via the gums.

Swedish Legends is a plant based dietary supplement containing a number of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
Swedish Legends has a unique composition of active ingredients which by themselves as well as in the synergies of combining them, optimise the benefit of each substance.
The functional gums recharge your energy levels and strengthen the mental balance so you can live the active life you want to.

Recommended daily consumption: 2-4 gums

mint/licorice or mint/ginger

No caffein
No fat
100% sugar free and vegan

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Odoo • Text and Image