2.5  gram Neuronutrition Gum that rejuvenates the mind on a cellular level that enable you to perform instantly after a couple of weeks use.

Mint and Lemon

Maximize mental ability and sharpen your mind, reduce stress hormones in the body, while retaining the ability to concentrate and restoring the balance that makes the consumer feeling relaxed.

Zero caffeine

Zero fat

100% sugar free & vegan

Environmental-friendly packaging

Easily penetrates the blood brain barrier for maximum effect


Has a calming effect while maintaining a sharp mind


Controls the metabolic balance

Cell protection

Combats cell aging and provides effective protection against free radicals

Maximizes energy and physical performance



Boosts cognitive function and growth hormones


Increased levels of nitrogen oxide (NO)


Effective glucose supply and balance of cortisone


Body absorption rate

Oral Mucosal Absorption - buccal has a 95% absorption with immediate effect within 5 min, the absorption from a functional drink or nutrition through the stomach has a 30-35% absorption and an effect after 40 min. 


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