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We have gone all-in on health...

Changes and challenges in life for us and our near and dear have made us realise that health is most important. We started reading about how the body works and came across e.g. Indian health in ayurveda - which means 'knowledge about life', traditional Chinese medicine and a number of interesting dietary supplements and knowledge about substances that can support our bodies in different ways.

Much of this knowledge has been known for generations, and in many countries the substances are known by everyone and used daily or whenever there is a need. We felt that we have a lot to learn from, apply, combine and add to today's knowledge about the body and health in a holistic way.

We use natural substances, look for the best raw materials and the best partners to continuously improve and refine our knowledge and our products. And we have more ideas in our heads!

If you share this passion and have ideas, questions or just want to discuss a bit - please contact us! We are eager discuss health and learn more!

Team BrilliantIQ


brilliantiq in a nutshell

We make unique, patented, organic plant and mushroom based dietary supplements packed in a chewing gum - functional gums! 

Chewing gums composed to charge your energy levels and strengthen your mental balance so you can perform at your maximum level in demanding situations or just feel well in everyday life. 

Our functional gums are composed of natural, active ingredients, where each plant based substance's specific and unique qualities has been deeply analysed so that substance by itself and even more importantly, combined with each other, will provide maximum effect to you body.  

The supplements are also produced in a unique, cold manufacturing process where the gum base is not heated, ensuring that the sensitive ingredients and the effects remain in the gum. In a heated manufacturing process, the substances are damaged.

Naturally we have made sure that the gum base itself is organic and thereby fully biodegradable.

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