About us

a neuronutrition and biohacking company

brilliantIQ is a new Stockholm based Biohacking & Neuro-nutrition startup, that operates in the Sports & Neuro-nutrition market combining the best earth-grown nutrients the planet can provide. Prepackaged functions and effects driven by science that enhance the ability of the human body and mind in minutes. Products that increases the intellectual processes, restore the inner balance of the body and provides an opportunity for mental rest ”on-the-go”. For those who have been active in sports and in challenging business positions that has come across different demanding contexts are aware of the importance being able to maintain high productivity, highly functional and sharp mind, but yet maintain themselves calm and balanced.  

The demand for earth-grown superfoods is becoming increasingly mainstream as people seek to harness its potential healthful effects on the mind and body. We simply wanted to create a product line that really makes a difference that transform people’s lives and for everyone to take advantage of, from high-performing athletes to ordinary people with a healthy lifestyle and for them to optimize their performance in their daily routine.

Our Team